For the ones we love. For the ones we've loved. For the ones forever resident in our hearts. And most especially, for us. A TRANSIENT LIFE Death stuns us all - How a friendly hug yesterday Can easily turn mourns. How joyful His and Hellos Can someday mean forever-farewells. It stuns us all. It does. … Continue reading A TRANSIENT LIFE


It is not out of place if I say that the quest for 'continental relevance' is what had deteriorated and still is deteriorating the economy of Nigeria as a nation. This is a call for a modification of Nigeria's foreign policy. CONTINENTAL RELEVANCE No one should be judged for ingratitude, Nor condemned for a negative … Continue reading CONTINENTAL RELEVANCE


There is an adage in Yoruba - "Kí ló ń dún màhuru mó mi lójú?" (what is that trying to intimidate me?). We all have challenges to deal with in life. In the face of these challenges, do we stand strong in bravery or fidget in cowardice? In this episode of mission #OWE (Operation to Write Everyday), I implore readers to share their revolutionary conquests with others. How have you confronted life challenges? Someone out there, in a similar condition, is in dire need of a way out.